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Having secured their flagship asset, a Central Queensland mine the client then looked to the insurance program that they had inherited from the purchase. They appointed us for a legal review that established that a ‘copy-paste’ approach had been adopted by their intermediary from the asset’s insurance program; we set about establishing the precise needs of the client. 

After extensive consultation, workshop and review of the current arrangements, we submitted a proposal that involved re-writing the entire insurance program, literally ground up, and adopted a procurement strategy with the client-insurer relationship at its centre.


We stripped away unnecessary coverage and policies to leave a lean, responsive policy structure.

Engaging with industry leading risk managers specialising in the client’s sector, we then collated a prospectus for the insurance market that addressed every technical, operational, safety, environmental and geo-political risk that could be raised as a concern. We then facilitated direct engagement with leading insurers both locally and in London so they not only heard our client’s message from us, but also from the client themselves.

The insurance market embraced our approach and how differently we chose to engage with them. The client was appropriately rewarded by insurers who also agreed to unique claims protocols we developed for certainty and expedited claims outcomes.


Using our combined expertise of legal understanding and insurance program procurement – as well as our understanding of the specific challenges facing coal businesses – we were able to establish a risk transfer solution that the client now fully understand and that they have confidence in.

We removed:

  • a broker commission structure that was grossly overcharging the client and replaced it with a transparent fixed fee
  • unnecessary policies and cover items that would never have responded, and
  • uncertainty.