As an insurance adviser, Allegiant IRS provides services to meet our clients’ insurance requirements including:

Insurance program reviews

  • Due diligence reviews on acquisitions
  • Insurance program reviews for new clients
  • Insurance and policy reviews and advice on major and standard contracts
  • Existing insurance program reviews, including assessment of program compliance with client contract obligations

Insurance program design, placement and management

  • Identification of risks, business objectives and requirements
  • Analysis and preparation of information for submission to the insurance market
  • Negotiation and implementation of the insurance marketing strategy
  • Implementation and placement of the agreed insurance program
  • Management and ongoing monitoring to ensure the insurance program moves in line with clients' business needs

Claim management

  • Education on key insurance policy and claims reporting obligations
  • Collation and submission of claims documentation to insurers
  • Claims management and negotiation to achieve favourable claims outcomes
  • Development of claims protocols to ensure insurer timely and effective claims management
  • Claim advocacy and where necessary, engagement of McCullough Robertson

Insurance financing solutions

  • Facilitation of periodic payment solutions designed to enhance cashflow
  • Construction security bonds to replace costly bank guarantees